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How to Reduce Flood Damage to Your Home

How to Reduce Flood Damage to Your Home

Every time a storm comes, your house has the potential to susceptible to flood damage. However, flood damage can be reduced if you are willing to take the necessary steps. Doing so can reduce the cost you have to pay for repairing your house and you also will be able to reduce the number of possessions you have to lose as a result of the flood damage. The following are 5 tips on how to reduce flood damage to your home.

1. Check the Sump Pump
The sump pump is the most important part of the basement as it pump out water in the pit and keep the area dry. To test your sump pump, you simply pour some water into the pit. You can prepare a portable submersible sump pump as a backup. The discharge hose should fetch the water to a distance that is several feet away.

2. Move the Valuables to Higher Grounds
If possible, you should try to carry all your furniture and personal belongings to the attic. If not, you can move those items that are the most valuable to you. They include important documents and photo albums. Similarly, you should move hazardous materials such as paint, and cleaning chemicals to a higher location as they can release a toxic chemical when coming into contact with water.
If you have rugs, you can roll them up and carry them up to the attic. If the rug is glued to the floor, you will have to be prepared to spend money to replace it when it gets contaminated by the floodwater. All the wiring should be at least 1.5 meters above the floor level.

3. Pile Sandbags
Piling sandbag is one of the most important tasks for preventing floodwater to enter into your house. The sandbags are to be filled full and left untied in order for it to effectively create a barricade against the water. Sandbags are usually provided free by your local government. You can also place flood barriers around to temporarily block the floodwater.

4. Shovel Snow Away from the House
Snow around the house foundation can melt when the flood comes and cause flood damage to your basement. If you have lots of snow near the house foundation, you will have to use a shovel to remove them to some distance. You will have to shovel the snow away to at least 3 – 5 feet away to reduce the flood damage.

5. Fix Leaky Roof
A leaky roof is one of the main reasons why the house can have standing water. To reduce flood damage, you will have to carry out maintenance tasks for your property. For example, you must make sure the gutter is hanging securely on your roof. The gutter should be clean without any debris that can block the water flow. Besides, don’t forget to repair your roof if it is necessary. It costs a few thousand dollars to repair the roof but it can save you from flood damage that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Consider having a plumber install a sump pump, this helps to remove water from the basement footing and foundation. Old concrete with cracks in them should be replaced so that they will not create a channel that sends the water into your home.

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